Emily Pratt is a brand designer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY.
Render of pouch and sachet packaging.Photo of branded cards.GIF of scrolling down a product shop page.GIF of a mobile social media advertisement about a drink.Photo of some branded email snippets.
GIF of some characters from an animated informational video.
Illustration with two characters giving a gift.
Photo mockup of branded sticker sheets.
Photo of the back design of a branded crewneck.
A large-format branded wall poster beside a sidewalk.
Frame from truck video animation
GIF of bubble popping from the truck video
A mockup of some branded cake boxes.
A mockup of some branded cake packaging.
Illustration set of four characters.
A set of illustrations of one character in different poses.
A frame of vector people from the truck video animation.
Branded wall billboard.
Branded poster for a party.
Illustration of two characters walking together.
Illustration of a sticker with a character on it.
Fun graphic with some words and funky shapes.
Graphic poster with a saying on it.
Illustration of a man holding a snow cone
Vector art GIF of a girl wearing a mask
Vector art GIF of a girl wearing headphones and a mask
Graphic with mushrooms and the title of a project, "Spore."
Illustrated render of an architecture project about mushrooms.
GIF of a balloon, rocking chair, black cat, and person on their balconies
Illustration of little boy sneaking candy
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