Render of pouch and sachet packaging.
Feel Goods™ Brand Work
Sole Designer and Illustrator
Feel Goods is a startup wellness company focused on creating natural drink mixes for your mind and body. I worked as their sole designer to grow their brand, and worked on a number of projects including branding, social, merchandise, packaging, emails, ads, and redesigned their website. For the rebrand, we partnered with Zero during the ideation phase to develop some of the concepts used in the final designs.


This is the Feel Goods logo in its primary form, though it is designed to be flexible in taking on other colorways for a variety of mediums, such as the packaging.


The packaging system was designed with the goal of scalability in mind. With Feel Goods wanting the freedom to continuously expand their inventory of drink mixes, the system needed to be designed in a way that would accommodate any future products. Each product line follows a monotone scheme with a color family representing it. The main packaging is made up of two components – sachets and the pouch that contains them. In total, I designed the sachet, sample 4-pack, 15-pack, and 30-pack.


Color palette used for the packaging system as well as throughout the brand.


I collaborated with the team to make merchandise and brand assets, including a handheld whisk and its box; crewneck; Nalgene water bottle; brand booklet and postcard to accompany orders; and bubble mailer.

Icons & Stickers

Other assets I designed for the brand include icons and stickers.*

*The cherry, ginger, turmeric, and elderberry icons were designed by a team member at Zero.


To make the brand more fun and engaging, we devised a scheme to make characters for each product, using the primary icon on the packaging as the base for its body. I refined a graphic style for the characters as well as a foundation for how the system can scale as the range of products expands.

Social Content

A small selection from the variety of work I’ve done for Feel Goods’ Instagram account.
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