Feel Goods™ Site Redesign
Sole Designer and Illustrator
1 month, 2021
In redesigning Feel Goods’ website, I had three main goals: boost brand credibility, inform and delight the customer, and generate interest and sales. To achieve these, I designed a site that was easier to navigate, built off the brand foundation and assets that we’d already developed and refined for other projects, and focused on expressing elements of the brand we knew resonated with customers – playful imagery, friendly colors, and a positive, enthusiastic tone, among others.
GIF of scrolling down a product shop page.

Immunity Icon Product Page

The product page for the primary drink mix, Immunity Icon, is where consumers can get excited about the product, learn about it, and purchase or subscribe.

Mobile Product Page

Responsive designs for each page include mobile designs.

Immunity Character Section

A detail of the section personifying the product's character.

Immunity Icon Product Page (cont.)

Another segment of the Immunity Icon product page.

Home Page Shop Module

Shortcut shop module within the home page.

Collections Page

Shop page for mixes and merchandise.
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